Offering Summer Tree and Lawn Care Services

Grub Control, Lawn Disease Control, Over seeding, Lime Treatment, and Total Lawn Insect Control. From seeding a lawn with bluegrass and rye grass, both of which grow well in our area, to providing protection against common area weeds such as dandelion and clover, we’ll keep your East Tennessee lawn lush and healthy.

We don’t just mow your lawn — we provide total year care for your trees. We offer customized lawn treatment plans to make your yard healthy and beautiful.The key for any application is choosing the right time to do it.You want to maintain a nice green leaf color of your grass

If you did your work in the spring, weeds should not be much of a problem for summer and fall. As much rain as we’ve had the past few months, the weeds will grown up and start looking like a jungle.

Early summer also spells the best time to apply grub prevention. Grubs are the immature form of several different beetle species present in our area. They damage your lawn by feeding on its roots. You wont notice it till late summer until later in summer, preventing damage now will save your lawn any in the future.

Services we provide

  • Slow release granular fertilization
  • Two applications pre-emergent crabgrass
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Summer potash feeding
  • Surface insect control
  • Slice aeration & seeding 20% of lawn
  • Iron & micronutrients
  • Beetle grub control – curative
  • Beetle grub control – preventative
  • Disease & fungus control
  • Core aeration
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  • Double over-seeding
  • Touch up seeding