Extreme Green Lawns and Knoxville Landscaping programs will keep your property looking the best it can throughout the year. We don’t just mow, blow and go! We care for your landscape as if it were ours. You won’t have a mowed yard you will have a manicured yard.

Aerating & Over-seeding: Knoxville Aeration is needed for the best chance for your new seed to germinate also loosen up the compacted soil for a healthier soil. Extreme Green Lawns will aerate in the fall. Then over-seed with new grass seed and starter fertilizer this will rejuvenate your yard for the next spring and will be much thicker and greener.

Knoxville Leaf Removal: While some people will enjoy raking up leaves in the fall months, for others it is a dreaded chore. Don’t let the leaves kill your grass, let us help. We are here to help you keep your yard clean.