Landscaping Services In Knoxville

Extreme Green Lawns and Knoxville Landscaping Services will install low maintenance landscapes with healthy nursery raised plants and trees. They will provide beautiful and very colorful landscapes all year long without those high maintenance costs. It is possible for your property to have excellent curb appeal without paying a fortune. A great looking landscape will raise your home’s value by as much as 20%. Give us a call and one of our landscape team with professional landscapers members would love to help you with your next landscape project.

Knoxville Mulching: Neatly blown mulched beds improve the look of any landscape. Knoxville Landscaping uses only the best Hardwood mulches available colors: Midnight Black, Brown, Red, Chocolate chip. Before we mulch any bed it will first be weed-free and we will spread the mulch to an average of 3″. Thicker applications on request of the client.

Knoxville Mulch blowing allows mulch to be applied on virtually any terrain, like beds, slopes, public gardens, playgrounds even in wet conditions. There aren’t any wheel barrels to rut your yard, just a hose and a few workers. The truck can reach up to 300′ from the curb or driveway. Knoxville Mulch blowing also saves you on material cost, because material can be spread evenly. This can save you up to 20% on material cost and the labor is cut in half compared to conventional methods. Contact us for a free estimate.