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Are you looking for professional hardscaping services in Knoxville, Tennessee? If so, look no further than Extreme Green Lawns & Landscaping. We have been providing creative and quality hardscaping services to our customers in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. Our skilled team of landscaping contractors will work diligently to make sure that your property looks beautiful with our exceptional hardscape designs.

Hardscaping consists of the intimate elements of landscaping like concreting the landscape, placement of Retaining Walls, Walkways; Patios; Fire Features; Decks and much more. Having been in the hardscaping business for over 13 years, our experienced professionals will ensure that the job is done according to your specifications and within your budget.

At Extreme Green Lawns & Landscaping, we understand that each property is unique and important. Hence, we will get your work done promptly and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Call us today at 865-776-1804 to learn more about our services.

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Retaining Walls and Seat Walls come in many patterns, colors, and sizes.

Extreme Green Lawns & Landscaping offers you a large selection of Block and Brick and stone retaining walls, as well as seat walls. Retaining walls are not only functional but they’re beautiful as you can see in the pictures below.

Brick retaining walls: Bricks that is mortared at the joints is a more expensive retaining wall material. In many cases a concrete block is laid and then the brick is mortared to the cinder block wall. There is an almost endless number of bricks to choose from, in many different patterns and configurations. Our designers at Extreme Green Lawns & Landscaping can help you make just the right choice and a design to work with your existing landscaping.

Concrete block retaining walls: are as versatile as they are durable and beautiful, and come once again in endless patterns and designs.

Many concrete blocks for retaining walls are designed for strength. Our block masons stack blocks on top of one another and they secure them with pins or interlocking edges. Most blocks are designed to be set on a gravel base, allowing them to withstand ground movement. Then drainage is placed behind the wall.

In Knoxville we usually use heavy-duty blocks for walls up to 30 ft. They weigh around 50 to 75 lbs and these blocks when used in retaining walls is a job for an experienced block mason with a crew of strong men to assist him. Large retaining walls involve the excavating and moving of tons of soil and setting the block in place. Walls that are over 6 feet must be designed by an engineer.

Dry stack Stone retaining walls: There are many types of natural stones to choose from. Fieldstone usually comes in three sizes and the choice would be determined by the height of the landscape retaining walls. Smaller walls look better with the smaller stones, and taller walls look better with the larger stones. Also used for bed edging around you landscape.

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Mortared Stone retaining walls: are beautiful and durable but is one of the most expensive retaining walls. Natural stones are used here and the stone might be naturally formed stones or various sizes or face stone. Face stones are thinner and mortared to a concrete wall.

  • Why Use Pavers?

Pavers come in a wide range of colors and textures which offers a multitude of possibilities to customize your project.

Pavers are manufactured to the highest standards per American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). They have an average psi of at least 8,000 and which is approximately four times stronger than concrete and ten to twenty times stronger than asphalt.

Pavers are designed to limit moisture absorption, which could cause traditional paving methods to lift and crack. Therefore, frost damage is virtually non-existent as the joints between the pavers absorb the damaging powers of frost by flexing and not cracking.

Pavers make maintenance of underground utilities easier. Pavers can be pulled up for easy access to whatever utilities are underneath and the same pavers can be replaced which can save thousands in long term repair costs and you don’t have the unsightly patch work that can be seen in other pavements.


Outdoor fire places and fire pits in Knoxville, Tennessee allow you to enjoy your outdoor living areas year-round. The choices of paving stones or bricks are unlimited, so you’ll have no problem selecting the perfect look to match your homes exterior. Let us show you how to enjoy your patio in the winter months. Call us to schedule a free consultation 865-776-1804

Fall and winter evenings in Knoxville are known for Mountain views and sparkling stars, but they are also cold late fall and winter nights. Constructing an outdoor fire feature, whether it’s a simple pit or a complete fireplace, gives you the perfect place to enjoy Knoxville evenings with your family and friends. Adding a fire feature to your property creates a natural environment for you to comfortably experience the natural wonders of East Tennessee.

Imagine entertaining guests beside the cozy warmth and ambiance of your own outdoor fireplace. By providing a beautiful area for relaxation, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits, you can take your yard from ordinary to beyond imagination. Large or small, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits always add interest, functionality, and beauty to your landscape. At Extreme Green Lawns & Landscaping in Knoxville, Tennessee, we have the experience to design and construct the perfect fire feature for you.