Offering Residential and Commercial Leaf Removal Service Curbside pickup or whole property services

No matter what kind of property you own, ensure a clean, beautiful space for you and guest. Our skilled professionals work with all types of clients who own properties from small yards to commercial spaces. The methods we use ensure quick and efficient work that doesn’t damage other areas of your property. In addition, using our leaf removal service can create a cleaner, healthier, safer space that you can use.

Beautify your outdoor space by contacting Extreme Green Lawns for professional leaf removal service for homes and businesses. We serve both residential and commercial either whole property removal or curbside pick is available. Contact us now to be placed on the schedule.

When you take advantage of our leaf removal services, we take the time to get to know your specific needs including what kind of property you have, the size of the area you want cleaned, how many trees are in the area, as well as your schedule and budget. Our professionals then work to create a customized plan that most effectively meets your individual needs.

Ensure your business looks its best when you turn to the leaf removal professionals at Extreme Green Lawns. We provide both residential and commercial leaf removal service in Knoxville Tennessee, so our customers can maintain a healthy, pristine outdoor space. Trust our experts to help you determine your exact removal and collection needs and scheduling so you never have to worry about raking again.

When you consult with leaf removal professionals at Extreme Green Lawns, you get greater peace of mind knowing your residents or business will look consistently cleaner and more presentable to customers. Contact us to see how we can help clean up your home or business’s exterior.

Commercial Leaf Removal to keep your plants healthy

Keep the grass and other plants outside your home or business healthy and thriving by ensuring a clean space. Our leaf removal service allows your plants to get the sunshine they need to grow properly. This enables you to keep a great looking landscape. Extreme Green Lawns leaf removal services keep your home or business looking beautiful, but also works to save you money. Consult with our experts and see how our services can benefit your home or business.

Use Our Leaf Removal Services to Save Time and Money

If you own a residential property, you may spend an hour or more several times per week trying to maintain a leaf-free yard. When you take advantage of our leaf removal service, you free up that time to concentrate on more important things, or to just sit back and relax. Our skilled professionals have the experiences and resources to make quick work of clearing your yard of leaves. We use equipment such as leaf blowers and a vacuum truck to remove the leaves from your property without damaging gardens or other structures in your yard.

Aerating & Over-seeding

Knoxville Aeration is needed for the best chance for your new seed to germinate also loosen up the compacted soil for a healthier soil. Extreme Green Lawns will aerate in the fall. Then over-seed with new grass seed and starter fertilizer this will rejuvenate your yard for the next spring and will be much thicker and greener.